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instagram blue tick

Instagram blue tick is considered as the credit of each page on Instagram. Today, Instagram is known as the largest social network through which many people in the community make money.

Now, for those who want to gain more credibility and achieve the extraordinary benefits of Instagram Blue Tick, they officially send their request to Instagram, but more than 90% of these requests are without result and are practically ignored by the technical managers of Instagram. Becomes.

To get the blue Instagram tick, there are prerequisites that include:

creating a profile in CrunchBase, creating a profile in IMDB and other prerequisites that our team will be able to meet with the resources that are officially in these companies. Bring to you in a very short time at the lowest cost.

Instagram blue tick Guarantee


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The best price of Instagram blue tick

Get Instagram blue tick

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instagram blue tick

Guarantee to receive Instagram blue tick

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1. Complete implementation of the legal process of receiving the Instagram blue tick

2. Receive final official approvals from Instagram moderators.

3. No need for MasterCard or special information

4. Along with publishing 10 foreign ad reports and creating a valid and official profile for faster confirmation of the Instagram blue tick

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What is instagram blue tick?

Among social networking platforms, Instagram is one of the most used spaces that users have noticed. Many users around the world are active in this program. From companies and brands to celebrities and athletes and celebrities and even ordinary people. Therefore, the number of fake pages created, especially for celebrities, is increasing every day. Instagram, like other platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) can not prevent the creation of fake pages, so the blue tick was created to be a sign to determine whether people’s Instagram page is fake or not.

تیک آبی اینستاگرام چیست

instagram blue tick is placed next to your Instagram username. If you have seen the Instagram page of famous people such as athletes and actors, you must have seen the blue Instagram logo on their page. But receiving a blue tick also has conditions …

Terms of purchase of Instagram blue tick

معتبر باشید

Be credible

Obviously you have to be what you say! That is, a real person or a company with a registered trademark. Your credibility is an important condition for getting a real Instagram check. (Blue mark does not belong to fake pages)

Be unique

In general, any person or company can apply for Instagram approval for one of their own pages. Unless you have two pages with the same content for each language. (Blue check is not made for accounts that post general content on their page)

Public page

Your page must be public and visible to all users. If your page is Private, change its status to get a blue tick.
(Personal pages are approved to receive the blue tick of the Instagram page)

پروفایل اینستاگرام

Full biography

Be obsessed with writing profile information. You need to write down all the information you need. Do not forget the profile photo. Instagram does not approve accounts that put a flower in the place of the profile picture to get a blue tick on Instagram, you must also have at least one post on your page.

Be known

Again, reputation is very important for Instagram. As a result, ordinary people have virtually no chance of getting a blue tick on their Instagram page. So either you have to have a famous brand or you are well known enough.

How to buy Instagram blue tick

Instagram blue tick indicates the credibility and reputation of your page. Having this mark means that you or your brand is known and Instagram confirms your credibility and identity. If you want to order an Instagram blue tick, you can use the form at the top of this page or call the contact numbers below the page. Novin Idea, as the site for buying Instagram Blue Tick, gives you the guarantee that receiving a guaranteed Instagram Blue Tick is our specialty, and all our efforts are to satisfy 100% of our customers.

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