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WhatsApp ads

In the digital age, messengers have become one of our daily responsibilities. The needs of many people today are being met through the use of social media or messengers. From entertainment to work and meeting more people, it has all been made possible through messengers and social networks. In the meantime, WhatsApp, as the most popular messenger in the world and with more than 40 million active Iranian users, has attracted the attention of many of us. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to WhatsApp. The reason is high security, excellent speed and good access to information in WhatsApp. On the other hand, due to the restrictions that have been created for Telegram, WhatsApp has gained more attention in Iran and around the world. One of the advertising methods in WhatsApp is to send advertising messages in WhatsApp.


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WhatsApp is now known as a multi-purpose messenger for connecting people around the world. It is interesting to know that WhatsApp is currently known as the most popular messenger in the world and Facebook has just bought all the shares of this company. Due to the fact that many users use WhatsApp services on a daily basis. It has created a good platform for targeted advertising for Internet businesses.

Whatsapp ads

Small and large business owners have always needed a suitable platform for investment to be seen more and introduce themselves more professionally to Internet users. Due to the great popularity of WhatsApp among the people of the world and also the existence of a business or business account in WhatsApp, businesses can introduce their services and products to users in a more effective and professional way. Of course, how each product is presented determines its success rate. Recently, many people have been looking at ads through the WhatsApp robot, sending targeted ads, and creating surveys and competitions between businesses. By choosing the right path of advertising, you will travel the hundred-year-old path overnight.

What is the WhatsApp ads?

Recently, WhatsApp is trying to satisfy its users by offering robots and special features. These features create new ways to advertise on WhatsApp. One of these features is sending messages on WhatsApp. With this method, people can send their advertising messages to WhatsApp users.

Of course, this can be done personally, but there are risks such as reporting the line and closing it. For the convenience of introducing your products and services to WhatsApp users, you can leave your advertisements to a reputable company in this field. This will greatly reduce your extra time and money.

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Why choose WhatsApp ads for my business?

Each work has its own principles. You need to consult with experts in this field for principled and correct advertising in WhatsApp space. If you only want to send custom messages on WhatsApp, you can use our services to send your services and products professionally to WhatsApp users for a small fee. If you need to automate the process of sending messages in WhatsApp, you can use the services of mass messaging bot in WhatsApp.


In the plan of 250 to 499 users, for sending your favorite message to each user, it is 0.05 $.

0.05 * 1 = 0.05 $

0.05 * 499 = 24.95 $

Benefits of sending WhatsApp promotional messages

benefits of whatsapp ads
  • Save time and money
  • High efficiency and significant customer attraction
  • Ability to introduce your business by making digital postcards
  • Send custom messages with infinite characters and no SMS panel restrictions
  • Professional branding is much easier with WhatsApp ads messaging.
  • Interact more and more effectively with your customers.
  • A new way in digital marketing
  • Increase your customer range.

Terms & Conditions of WhatsApp Ads

terms and conditions of whatsapp ads

1- Sending messages in WhatsApp is done manually and with different tariffs.

2- All extensions allowed in WhatsApp to send messages are supported by us.

3- Suitable for managers who want to get good results at a low cost.

4- Your favorite message can be sent to users in the form of text, PDF file, photos, short videos, etc.

5- Message attachment must be less than 1 MB.

6- All WhatsApp accounts in our database are active.

7- Work guarantee: Shot before and after sending the message.

8- The efficiency of this method has been proven, but there is no guarantee for 100% efficiency for you

9- After registering the order, our colleagues will contact you and explain to you exactly how to do the job.

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